Welcome To SOS Media Solutions

Who We Are:

We are a digital marketing agency, made up of a small team of freelancers with more than 8 years of experience. Located in the beautiful capitulo city of Managua, Nicaragua. Founded by José Castillo (Sean) - owner. After years of working as a sales agent with other agencies with more years under their belt and renown names. I kept coming across the same feedback, "when will I receive what you promised, customer service never answers my phone call. In 2015 I thought it was time to take the big step of flying on my own. Doing that meant a lot of risks involved, specially being a family man, it meant risking the financial stability for my family. The decision I took was aimed assuring for myself that what I promised each and every customer, they would without a doubt receive. I have seen some highs and some so good lows, yet we are moving along slowly but surely.

Just as our country´s great poet Ruben Dario said it best. "Si pequeña es la patria, uno grande la sueña" interpreted "If the nation is small, one dreams it large." That is exactly what we aim to do, work hard and efficiently everey day so that as a business we can grow, however, at the same time more importantly making sure that our clients are receiving the adequate service that they have paid for. The last thing we want is my clients becoming just another number in line.

The mission is simple and clear. Do the work that our clients have entrusted and paid us to do, and in the process, that our clients see an adequate return of investment. As clients you are pros doing what you do best, this is what we are best at, and it is our goal to help you see better results and grow into a business partner relationship.